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Be Ball You Can Rules - Anti-bullying Policy


The Three “F” Policy


The Three ‘F” Policy, is used as a guideline to ensure that every person involved in a sporting session is able to optimally get the most out of it. It is not just for the coach but also for the students and is important that each participant understands the requirements of the three “F” policy.


Firm - It is the job of the coach to cultivate the minds of their students in order for them to get the most out of the session and be the best student athletes that they can be. In turn it is expected of each participant to be receptive to instruction in order for there to be effectiveness in the session.

Fair - It is the Job of the coach to be fair in all engagements concerning each participant and to be diplomatic in response to any situation that may arise. It is our policy to remain impartial but to ensure that steps taken will reflect all parties involved fairly.

Fun - The main aim of the programme is not only to ensure that each participant is built mentally and physically but to have fun in the process of doing so. Fun education is the best education.


The Golden Rules


1.        Respond to the whistle

⁃          When a coach blows his/her whistle, it is imperative that every student responds to the sound of it. This means that there should not be any one speaking, bouncing balls or doing anything other than paying attention.

•                   There may be a significant reason why the whistle has been blown which means concerning reasons of health and safety, everyone must respond. (Example) A child/ student could be injured and in need of immediate attention.

2.        Respect.

⁃          Optimum respect must be shown to all participants in the sessions at all times, be it the coach or the student. Behaviour that will not be tolerated are as follows;


•                   Name Calling

•                   Speaking when coach is speaking

•                   Fighting (0 Tolerance)

•                   Demeaning/ putting people down

•                   Speaking back

•                   Disobedience

•                   Bullying


Be Ball You Can has a strict no tolerance rule pertaining to bullying, it will not be tolerated on any level and will be dealt with accordingly in the event of such instances.



The “3 Strike” Rule


Failure to comply to the rules by any student will result in the administration of the “3 strike rule”.

The 3 strike rule is used not only to discipline students that are not complying with the rules but to protect each member in the session (including the coach), as continual disruption can prove to be a health and safety hazard for all involved in the session. An example of this, is a student who has been asked to remain on the side for a period of time and decides to wonder off. At this point the child is a threat to themselves, to the other students and is also a threat to the coach. In that session the governing figure is liable for the safety of all students so if anything happens to that student or you can not locate that student for any reason, it means having to find that student, taking the attention away from the other participants which leaves room for other instances to occur due to not monitoring the session. This is an example of a worst case scenario but a realistic scenario non-the-less.


 It is also used to give the students that do consistently achieve and/or demonstrate a high work ethic, the opportunity to be noticed and rewarded for their hard work. Areas such as having a can-do attitude, being helpful or being coachable are areas that can sometimes be overlooked in the presence of disruption, the “3 strike rule”, allows the attention of the coach to also be focused on the positive aspects of the session as well as the negative.


What Is The “3 Strike” Rule?


Strike 1: This is the first verbal warning


Strike 2: This is where the student will be asked to sit out for 5 minutes. Upon arrival back to the session, the reason for being dismissed will be addressed and a discussion about how we can improve will be implemented.


Strike 3: Will be a dismissal from the session. (A continual disruption does not only disrupt the individual being disruptive but every participant in the session)


Each rule in this document is to comply with the values and rules of each establishment that the programme is in. The aim is to effectively work with the institutions in order for the aims and objectives to be met by the programme and the establishment to build a brighter generation.

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